You've built an outstanding nursing organization. But to attain Magnet status, you're going to have to produce a mammoth document in a short timeframe. Do you have the publishing skills to pull this off without jeopardizing your hospital's Magnet journey?

One of our areas of special expertise is in ANCC Magnet® documentation support services, helping hospitals who are seeking Magnet status to prepare their documentation for submission. We have a 100% success rate for completing these massive documents on time while vastly improving their quality, readability, and focus. Capabilities include expert editing, graphic design, and project management along with either print or electronic submission. Our electronic documents are custom designed with live embedded links to your attachments. Our highly skilled writers and designers are well acquainted with current Magnet requriements as well as with the Magnet process.

We will guide you in every detail of document production: scheduling, writing, editing, proofreading, and graphic design and then create a unique e-document to submit to the appraisers. And our project management expertise will keep it all on track. With everything that your organization has riding on Magnet status, working with us is an investment in your hospital's future. We can promise you a first-rate professional document that showcases your organization as the true center of excellence that it is.

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